The word  “LOVE” could be the entire blog post for this event and nothing else…but I guess I do need to write more 🙂 however ‘love’ sums up the couple, the families, the close friends, the guests and the space we created for it…

We got introduced to this amazing family by friends and talented photographers Clark and Becki Berry.  Mother of the bride wanted to create a memorable experience for the couple so she contacted us to help her accomplish that!

We traveled to the family’s hometown of Summerton, SC to be a part of this beautiful day ~we began creating a design immediately to transform the church’s fellowship hall in to a soft, unique space.  The process was just so amazing and enjoyable~ everyone had faith in our abilities to create the look and feel they were thinking ~ and one of the most rewarding moments was when the couple and family came in to the space and stated it was event more amazing than they could have imagined.

Of course putting together such an event takes a team of talented vendors~ all of which I am so honored to work with!  Floral design was created by American Floral.  Rentals by Palmetto Party Rental.  And of course we worked along side the amazing Clark and Becki Berry, and James and Marianna Player (Absolute Productions and Media) ~ the ‘dream team’ was all together again…it was a well oiled machine that weekend.

NOW~ some of the images below are by Clark Berry Photography, but I did take a few before and after images so you can see the transformation…..

Scott created the beautiful boxwood wreaths for the church doors, we created programs for the ceremony. (Clark Berry Photography)

They had a lovely South Carolina coffee table guests book. (Clark Berry Photography)

So the tradition is to ring the church bell when you leave the church a married couple- it was great! (Clark Berry Photography)

I love, love, love this image- I need a bigger word than ‘happy’ to describe them! (Clark Berry Photography)

Okay, so here are my VERY candid before shots….

Then this is my candid after shot from the same angle.  We wrapped the room and hung romantic chandeliers.  They had a pianist play the baby grande piano for the reception!

…and another candid shot from a different angle.

And here is that same angle completed, can you tell that Clark Berry took this image :-0

And one last angle in a candid…

And the finished product~ Clark Berry Photography

Yummy cake 🙂

The couple gave ‘Perfect Blend’ coffee as a favor. (Clark Berry Photography)

And the best….see the love?!  Amazing couple (Clark Berry Photography!)