This past weekend, we were presented with transforming a National Guard Armory into a romantic reception for 260 lovely guests.  The bride got married in her home town of Hampton, SC and with such a large guest list, the options were limited for location in this quaint town.  The armory had the space but did not exactly fit her ‘vision’ for her reception 🙂  So she brought us in to totally transform this venue!

This project was a custom creation from start to finish….the couples colors were ivory and a deep red, so she wanted a billowy ivory fabric – but with such high ceilings, the standard height draping would not work – so B.I.O. created custom panels to hang in the armory. We soften the ceiling with lights and draped points.  It was a grand undertaking- the project took 3.5 days to complete with all the different aspects involved.

We also transformed the stage for the couples sweetheart table as well.  We topped it all off with lovely up lighting along the walls.

**The floral designs and accents were created by family friend of the bride.

The photos below give you before and after photos- as you can see, there was lots of stuff within the space, however it all turned out just lovely.

One angle of the room before clean up.

Before- from the entry doors…


After: From the entry


After: One angle.



Before: Looking at the stage.


After: Closer shot of the stage.


After: Facing the stage and sweetheart table.


Before: From the stage and sweetheart table.


After: Now this is taken before the set up was completed from the sweetheart table and without the specialty lighting- so please keep that in mind – so many vendors coming and going, hence why draping is pulled back in areas!


And their candy bar we set up.