I can not tell you how much I just LOVE this couple!!!  They put the ‘fun’ back in the fundamentals of a wedding….

Sometimes we all lose focus when planning an event- we let the little stuff take over and forget the reason we are there…LOVE and MARRIAGE!!!  Missy and Shaun never let one thing come in the way of the love they have and wedding they planned.  They came to us wanting design help for their beautiful wedding- we happily abliged…we were down right thrilled to be working with them.  They were BEYOND fun and excited about getting married and enjoying time with friends and family.

The couple had specific ideas of how they wanted their beautiful reception to  feel-  so we turned 701 Whaley into a fun party atmosphere.  We suggested they use the paper lanterns throughout the venue then over the dance floor, place the tiny lights to almost give it an ‘outdoor’ feel.  We filled the windows with tons of ivory candles and the tables were dressed with elegant floral and candle center pieces by Think Floral!

Here is one of my favorite parts- Missy and Shaun expressed their want for a photo booth but they stated they were not happy with the pricing on them…so we had an alternate idea 🙂  I said let’s make our own…the only stipulation was that they wanted it to feel like you stepped back to a 1980’s prom, yep, that is right – an 80’s prom theme photo booth.  Soooooo- I went on the hunt for a great fabric, and I found the perfect black fabric COVERED in glitter.  We then brought in 2 traditional white columns and ferns.  It was so awesome.  The couple supplied the baskets full of 80’s props- wigs, bracelets, leg warmers, banana clips and hats.

The couple made custom CDs for all their guest and you guessed it- it was ALL 80’s tunes!!!!   My kind of wedding!

Catering was by the wonderful Applause Catering, Partytime DJ handled the fun tunes to keeps us in the ‘retro love’ all evening!


All Dressed Up Photography took set up shots for us earlier in the day- Thank you so much for the lovely images!!!!

food table centerpiece


room view #5


room view #4


room view #7


purple vase


room view #3


lounge area with globes


toss bouquet