I know, sounds funny but this is the best  line from Kristin, as you can guess, 15 minutes before she walked down the aisle and she said it with so much excitement, I could not resist.  We were sitting in the bridal suite and she was so cute, chatting it up with all the girls and she kept saying it, well until I said ‘it’s about that time 🙂 ‘

There are couples and families that I meet that you just connect with- you almost feel like family at times when working with them.  Working with Kristin, William and Eva (mother of the bride) was such a wonderful experience!!!  Their enthusiasm to make this wedding amazing  is evident in EVERY detail you see.  Everyone seemed have the most wonderful time- dancing, eating and just having a blast…

…but the absolute most touching moment for me, as a wedding planner, came at a tear filled moment when my absoloutley beautiful bride was about to walk down the aisle to the love of her life.  Just before I opended the door, she took a moment to grab my hand and tell me thank you from the bottom of her heart, that she could not have done it without us! 

As Kristin stood there with her father, she turned and looked at him…”Daddy, I am getting married”, then the biggest smile came across her face and she giggled and cried at the same time!  I am SO privileged to be able to witness this most amazing moment in this woman’s life.

The couple got married at Ashland Methodist Church- this church is breathtaking!!  After the emotion filled ceremony, the couple excited through the beautiful sword arch by Williams fellow Navy groomsmen.  It was cute, you could tell she was anticipating the ‘swat’ on the fanny!

What fills my heart with warmth and makes all the hard work so perfect is seeing a couple so in love- Kristin and William are so connected, their love is contagious – it made me smile all evening when I would seem them hugging, kissing and telling each other their love!

The food was so fabulous as always- I love working with Richenda and her team- the are beyond AWESOME!!!!

Photography was by Clark Berry Photography, catering by Applause, bar service by Ed’s Bartending, DJ was Sam Bigby, cake by Parkland Cakes, Flowers by Jim Lane, Hair by Cristal Smith


I was lucky to catch one photo of mother and bride when they stopped by to take a look- Kristin gave her bridesmaids the cutest little monogrammed robes-




They are so cute…just before they exited to the sword arch!



The ‘swat’ 🙂





Okay, I could not resist and he may get mad at me for this but I just had to put this in here to show Clark Berry – he does whatever it takes to get just that perfect shot…I just think this is so great! (Sorry Clark 🙂 )




Food tables being set up-



Room shot during set up.





Bride’s bouquet with a piece of her Grandmother’s dress wrapped around the stems.












Cake cutting with the sword!