This wedding was just amazing.  I met Elizabeth through Becki Berry (of Clark Berry Photography).  Becki and Elizabeth were roomates in collage and Becki was Elizabeth’s maid of honor- so needless to say, we had a fabulous time.

Elizabeth and Bryan had THE MOST amazing ideas incorporated within the wedding that joined thier families.  It begins with the ceremony location…Elizabeth’s ancestors helped settle Dorchester, South Carolina in 1695.  The site of Colonial Dorchester State Park (where the ceremony took place) was once the town of Dorchester.  St. George’s Anglican Church was build in 1719 and stood at the center of town.  The bell tower was added in 1757 and is all that remains today.  The town was abandoned after the Revolutionary War and the surrounding forest reclaimed the site, preserving evidence of Colonial village life.  The park is divided by markers that define family parcels, of course with Elizabeth’s family’s being included.

The reception took place that the gorgeous historical Society Hall in Charleston.  The couple wanted to incorporate their history with the food they served – the food was so amazing and abundant.  Each food station was defined by its ‘map’ and flag- showing guest where the food originates.  The couple also wanted to continue with the family lines by creating their new family crest displayed on the specially made and designed ‘wedding china’ – it was BEYOND amazing!!!

We were entertained all evening by the wonderful Lundy band- I am looking forward to working with them again several times this year 🙂

Now a few candid photos- enjoy:


We set up lemonade and tea, apples and almonds adjacent to the ceremony site for guest as they arrived! (this is Ruth and Harriet getting things set up:-))







Clark Berry was able to catch a few FABULOUS shots while his wife was enjoying being on the ‘other side of the fence’ at a wedding 🙂 This is one of Clark’s photos.



Sweet aisle marker and you can see the amazing arrangements in the background.



Another amazing photo by Clark Berry



The front of Society Hall.



They had a pogo photo guestbook.



This was a lovely creation presented to the couple containing their invites, family history, and photo!!!





Just a shot from the end of the room.





The ‘Greek’ table



The custom made wedding china with thier crest.



Closer shot of the cake- made by Publix



And last but not least- a shot of Becki and I LATE in the evening, sorry I look worn out 🙂 but Becki looks FABULOUS!