You just will not believe how AMAZING this wedding was this weekend…Rebecca and Patrick were just AWESOME- so, where shall I begin?

They contacted me at the beginning of the year about their wedding- they had not set a firm date, they were flexible- but wanted to make sure they could get all of their ‘wants’ included.  They sent me a wonderful document describing what they were looking for and how they wanted things to feel and happen during their wedding ‘weekend’.  After reading it over and discussing it with them, we began working away ‘on location’.

Becca and Patrick live in D.C. so it made it a little challenging for them- can’t just pop around the corner and take a look at something 🙂 but that did not stop us.

As the title of this entry describes- this wedding had an ‘old Hollywood/Mann’s Chinese Theater feel.  (That is actually how Patrick described it to me in our first meeting) They picked the most amazing color combination- red, purple and silver!

The couple got married at St. Luke’s Episcopal- Patrick’s family’s home church.  It was standing room only- the day was bright, brisk and beautiful!  Becca looked beyond amazing and Patrick was so dashing- she was given in marriage by her Godfather- who was so honored to have been right by her side.  I don’t think I have connected with such a group ever- it was very touching. 

When it comes to reception, we took their idea and totally RAN with it- they wanted it all from red carpet and spot lights, to feather boas and sunglasses!  They decided on the Marriott in downtown Columbia for their reception – the hotel’s atrium gave a great space to create our cocktail hour yet we had to add a unique twist.  We wanted guest to come in to a ‘new room’ so Tony Sharpe, owner of Aspire 4 More Productions, came in a created a ‘room’ with the pipe and drape.  He brought in the classic moving spot lights as well. 

Ruth Rackley did the photography which I CANNOT wait to see!

By Invitation Only…brought in the sofas and ottomans accented with fluffy red pillows.  Guests entered on the red carpet and ladies donned a black or white boa and the gentlemen grab a pair of glasses.  The party was underway.


  Now- here is where it gets wild…Patrick is a study of Martial Arts and he actually is a drummer that participates with the ‘Lion Dance’.  Now I don’t know all the details- but look at the pictures.  The Lion came out of the ‘private lounge’ we created, then made its way into the cocktail hour area- it led bridal party (with Patrick playing the drum); Becca was behind them and the rest of the guests followed into the ballroom for dinner.  It truly was powerful and unique!
 I love it- Becca with her boa!!!
Here is the amazing ballroom with the lanterns we hung , this turned out so lovely, I am sorry it is a little dark, I am not the professional photographer 🙂
The PHENOMENAL floral arrangements were created by Southern Stems (Leslie Wacker).  She totally outdid herself.  They wanted that Asian flare with a different twist- and they got it!

 Look at this orchid arrangement!!!



Here is the room set up- Tony Sharpe, Aspire 4 More did the lighting- it totally made the room come alive when he put spots on the arrangements- pictures do not do it justice!!!!!


  Last and definitely not least, the cakes…both cakes were created by Slice of the South.  And yes, the second cake is made to look like the drum Patrick plays back home- yep, that is a cake folks- unreal!