We could honestly not have asked for a more gorgeous weekend for this beautiful event!

Chris and Courtney contacted me from Washington, D.C., where they worked,  to help them plan their very southern wedding in Pawleys Island some time ago.  They came to me with lovely, sophisticated ideas.  They wanted a true beach wedding, fun and unique cocktail hour paired with an elegant reception- we helped it all come to life!

Being native Southerners, they wanted their guests to fully experience the beauty of our southern beaches along with some history of South Carolina.  They picked the breathtaking Atalaya Castle in Huntington State Park.  The wedding was to take place on the beach just behind the castle then guest would come in to the courtyard for cocktail hour and a lovely stroll around this beautiful ‘winter home’ of Anna Hyatt Huntington.  The reception was placed at the Crown Reef Resort.

As we began our final week before the wedding and making all the last minute preparations, we of course were thrown the true ‘seasonal curve ball’ – Hurricane Fay began to threaten this wedding – truly…

We all had our fingers crossed, hoping and praying for things to change ever so slight.  I told the couple we would wait as long as possible to make the call on any changes for the plans at the castle.  We went forward with the rehearsal Friday night on the beach just to see and it was needless to say, very rough- so again I told them we will see what tomorrow brings.  I will say, they just seemed so sad that their wonderful plans may have to change – I just felt so horrible for them but these things happen- that is why we always have back up plans.

Saturday morning came about and I stepped out the door to a light cloud cover and soft breeze.  We got all items set up at Crown Reef and moved to the castle.  We arrived on the beach to more cloud cover and a little more wind but needless to say, it honestly was perfect- come time of the wedding, you could not have asked for a perfect setting!!!!

After the wedding, guest had a great time in the castle enjoying a drink station, mini cheeseburgers and sweet potato chips from Cheeseburger in Paradise that B.I.O. set up.

Below are photos Darren took during the day- hope you enjoy.

Here is a shot during the ceremony- it was great!


Chris and Courtney just after the ceremony- truly Southern with his Seersucker suit and starfish bout. we made for him!  Courtney was just lovely – perfect for the beach and beautifully elegant!!!


Bridesmaid and groomsman-


We had a bench and stand for shoes and brushes – guests left their shoes just before the path down.


The courtyard of the castle.


The entry to the castle –


The ‘adult beverage section’ of the drink station 🙂


The “Southern” drink station- sweet tea and lemonade!  


Here we are at Crown Reef- if it looks a little pink, that would be due to the pink tinted windows they have to reduce glare in this large room, not from the linens 🙂    The couple wanted a candle centerpiece so we used tall pillar candles and tons of magnolia leaves to bring that Southern flare right through the entire event.


Here it is with the lights down and dark out!


For their favors, the couple shared something near and dear to their hearts – donuts!!  When you first glance at these, you may just miss it but if you notice, these are not ‘Dunkin Donuts’ favors but instead ‘Dinkins Donuts’ which of course represent Chris and Courtney Dinkins, and yes, they do contain donuts inside!!


As a really special surprise, a family member made these personliazed large candy bars for all the guests- they were fabulous!


And the last lovely little treat was the ‘cake’…CUP cake that is.  They decided to go with something a little different and served 5 different flavors of cupcakes for their ‘wedding cake’.  They were so yummy!