I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!!!!

Well-a long time ago, Leslie made a wish one night, and after many months and hurdles, now she has been blessed…she and Pete are expecting!!!

For a little tiny bit of history – this group of girls met through a very fun web site, theknot.com!  We were all planning our very own weddings and chatting on the local message boards.  Little did we realize that this search for comfort with other brides stressing over the details would turn into an everlasting friendship and family!!  Leslie and I have the opportunity to work together a bunch, she is owner and designer of Southern Stems so not only do we have this friendship, but we get to have loads of fun doing weddings.

Leslie and Pete have been through a lot on their journey to this point so we all were beyond thrilled when she shared the news with us- many tears were shed, lots of giggles and then we began to plan, come on, I am an event planner…. 🙂

On our annual beach trip this year of the girls, we decided to throw a little ‘suprise’ baby show – and I have to say, we pulled it off pretty good!!

To set the tone- Leslie, well all of us, are HUGE Tiffany and Co. fans, I mean huge- her wedding colors were Tiffany blue and white- so as you can see, we had to follow suite. 

Please keep in mind, we wanted a relaxing, girls have fun shower, so no, we are not dressed up and eating tea sandwiches, we are resting at the beach and have a surprise baby show all at the same time!


Of course we had to have a couple of games- it is a shower!!!  The girls hard at work on nursery rhymes 🙂



The cute gifts and of course, the perfect cake with the ‘Tiffany rattle’ on top- this was made by the most wonderful lady at Lady Finger Confections in Charleston!!!!


We all unanimously decided that the gift to give for such the occasion was of course the real “Tiffany and Co.” silver baby rattle- yep, we made her cry!!! 


Here we all are for our dinner out at Blossom’s – we had the best time!