Good day-

 I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, South Carolina has officially hit ‘summer weather’!  It is getting hot in Columbia but B.I.O. was so lucky to have been able to be a part of a gorgeous event in Charleston, South Carolina, well Seabrook Island to be exact-

Cindy and James got married at the Seabrook Island Club this past weekend- the made the long trip down to our sweet little southern state from New York City!  This couple was just amazing!  I began working with Cindy, James and Vicki (Cindy’s mother) some time ago.  They came to me knowing exactly how they wanted everything to look and feel.

 They picked a  beautiful summer color palette – blues, yellows and a soft shade ivory.  Vicki hand made the paper flowers you see hung from the ceiling over each table along with the paper pom poms at each place setting.  She also made the menu cards and many other crafted items such as the pew markers and table toppers.  Cindy and James took fabulous pictures all over New York holding numbers to use for their table numbers.

 Flowers by Flowers by Frankie, photography was by Gene Ho.  The brides gorgeous hair was created by Juliet Jones, Hair by Juliet.

Here are CANDID photos from the weekend:

 The ceremony was out on the pavilion next to the water, the breeze almost got us but we held on 🙂  Cindy wanted the under side of the deck hung with fabric to create an entrance and staging area- it turned out lovely even with the wind-



The couple placed their rings in a beautiful sea shell that sat up front during the ceremony.



The programs were fans in the shape of the same shell their rings were placed…


Below you see the fabulous pew markers- full hydrangea in cones made by Vicki- they were perfect!


The bride was escorted down the aisle by her lovely mother, Vicki!  It was very moving right before we sent them out – we even had to share a little joke to  keep the tears back…



 Here is a shot from the deck looking out over the ceremony during a reading by James’ mother.  What a gorgeous event.  Flowers by Frankie created the magnolia garland along the raised area you see.



This is a wide angle of the room- it does not do it justice!!!  I wish you could have seen this in person when the sun went down, the candles were a soft glow through the tissue wrapped vases in yellow and ivory.  The hung flowers gentle moved when a door was opened – it came a live and was amazing!



Here is a shot of the tables set-


Here you see the seating cards placed on lovely boards – the couple placed photos of their family  along side the cards for guests to enjoy.



At this last shot – well, what can I say…we were setting up and my lovely husband was taking photos- I was just having a good time and being silly for a moment!!  We love doing weddings!