It was history in the making, in more ways then one!!! 


Well- let me begin in the beginning…many, many years ago, a little seedling took to ground…and low and behold, over 900 years later, there stands the Middleton Oak- one of the oldest on record!  This amazing live oak has been the back drop for countless weddings.


Just over a year ago, Laura and Chris came to me.  They were planning their wedding in Charleston and wanted an elegant, romantic, historical, and perfectly orchestrated event.  Chris and Laura are extremely detailed oriented and knew exactly how they wanted it all to flow and present itself.  They picked a historic location for the ceremony, the Middleton Oak at Middleton Plantation.  The majesty of this tree, the tradition of it, its peace and grandeur was perfect for this event.


We began working on the details in advance and getting everything set in plenty of time for them to relax just before the wedding.  The couple decided on an extremely intimate affair with 32 guests in attendance – however, tragedy struck in a sad historical event two weeks before the wedding – the Middleton Oak suffered a massive loss to its area- about a 1/4 of the tree came crashing down!!!  We got the call about it shortly after it happened and were told that the couple would of course have to move their ceremony to a different location in the gardens.  We all were so upset by this but knew that it would all work out, Middleton is gorgeous – we would meet the evening of rehearsal, take a look at the options and they would decide!


The couple decided to go with the azalea hillside for the ceremony – it was just perfect.  We were worried about the weather taking a turn but when the bride stepped out of the Rolls Royce, there was not a cloud in the sky…


Both the bride and groom were escorted down the aisle by their parents- a fabulous Citadel bag piper played for Chris and Laura’s processional.  When Chris took his place and turned to see Laura coming down the hill, he could not control the emotion, he was so taken with her- is was beautifully moving.

I have NON professional photos below, but the wedding was photographed by one of Charleston’s finest, Kim Graham and videoed by her husband, Kevin Graham.  The gorgeous flowers were created by Tiger Lily Florist and the delicious chocolate cake was designed by Lady Fingers Confections!!!

 The ‘broken’ Middleton Oak 😦


 The ceremony set up with the piper in the background…there was a small table set that had a sweet pink tub filled with water and a basket with programs.



The bride and her parents arrived in the beautiful vintage Rolls…


The brides processional-


Darren was able to get on the bridge across from them and capture this amazing shot!!!!


Darren was also lucky to capture this as they came back down the aisle- what a touching moment- a beautiful couple…


After the ceremony, the guests rode the trolley back to the Harbour Club for a lovely evening of cocktails, dinner and tons of dancing- they partied like they were rock stars!!!!  The dining room was so elegant, with the silver chavari chairs and matching cerise chair pad covers.  B.I.O. provide tons of candles for the center of the table and Tiger Lily filled in with gorgeous magnolia leaves, Spanish moss and hot pink hydrangea blooms.  As a back drop for the couple, they designed an amazing wreath with soft spot lights- when the sun went down, it was breath taking!!!



Each place setting had a silver charger and cerise napkin with a menu card designed by the couple that also served as the ‘seating card’ having each quests name at the top.


After dinner, they all went up to the terrace for dancing and cake- sadly I don’t have photos of that but it was a fabulous time!!

And of course, the lovely, yummy cake!!!!


We always strive to make every event what the couple wants and expects- after you spend that much time working together, you want every aspect to be absolutly perfect.  As an event planner, you always wonder if it is what they dreamed of, this weekend, I had a very touching moment -during dinner, we were in another room letting everyone enjoy, I recieved a text message on my phone as follows:

“Everything looks wonderful- Mr. and Mrs. Catto”

It almost brought me to tears, I was beyond thrilled that they loved it all- but that they also were moved to thank me right at that moment.  This couple has really touched me- they are amazing!  I was honored to work with them.