This little post is here to give just a tiny piece of advice for those that are into DETAILS!!!


Many couples come to me with beautiful photos and ideas of what they are imagining for their wedding/event – but then they say, but cater it more to US!  My suggestion that I put to them then is – make this event YOU!!  You want your guests to walk in and say, ‘Oh my goodness, this is so THEM’…  The marriage is about the two of you so make the wedding about the two of you!!!


One way we suggest you can accomplish this is in those little details – now we have many other ways to do this but for this post, we are touching one very neat option for couples today…


Weddings are becoming so much more involved as the years go by, and every little aspect is touched on, right down to the cute accessories basket in the restrooms 🙂  Today we are going to chat about BEAUTIFUL printed items that are specifically designed with you and your event in mind.


You can always go to a formal invitation shop and have many items printed (which is always a lovely and great option), but if you are wanting something just a little more personalized and unique to you, why not have a graphic designer ‘CREATE’ your look and feel for this most memorable occasion.


Today I am introducing a designer here in Columbia- Melissa Spivey, owner and designer at Graphically Inclined Design.  Melissa got in touch to discuss all that she can do and left me with samples of her work…’WOW’ is all I can say.  The quality and craftsmanship is unbelievable.  She has the ability to take the words you speak and turn them into a beautiful creation.


You can get items from invitations to candy wrappers created with her and everything in between.  You can get one item or a whole set created to have an underlying theme or color scheme…you can be as simple or ornate as you wish – as classic or cutting edge, let your imagination run wild, but not your budget.  Personally created printed material does NOT break the bank like some couples feel – it is well worth the consultation to see what can be done- she works within ALL budgets!!!


I can go on and on but I will just show you a quick example of what she sent me- remember this is a NON-professional photo I took.