I think this is just the ‘sweetest’ name I have heard- yep you guessed it, this little brief post is about a lovely new vendor I have come across!!!  I would like to introduce Tamra Smith owner and baker for ‘Slice of the South’!!! 

As most of you know, part of our job as planner is to help bring the best, most reputable vendors to you for your event!  Just when you think you may have worked with them all, you come across a new one 🙂  so I just wanted to introduce a vendor that we will be adding to our preferred vendor list here at ‘By Invitation Only..’

When it comes to cakes, everyone wants something different, so that is why I like having all sorts of options for our clients.  Tamra and I met and she shared some samples of her amazing cake – oh my was it GREAT!!!!!  She creates in home and her sweets are all ‘secret recipes’ which makes them just beyond tasty. 

One last little note, Tamra does more than just wedding cakes, she can help with any sort of event and creates many items to give you ‘sweet dreams’…

I have added a few photos below but you can check out more items on her website: Slice of the South