We had the best time working with Amber and Edward during the planning process- they knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it!!!  They picked beautiful, rich colors that accented their ideas perfectly.  They had many things organized when they looked to us to help with their wedding – we helped them the rest of the way.  This wedding was extremely spiritually moving and exciting!!


The family and friends of Amber and Edward treated my team as if WE were family, it was amazing –


I’ve had numerous brides tell me their day is so much more relaxed knowing that my team is there to handle any “blips” that occur. They like to know someone is worrying about everything so they don’t have to. 


Usually any “problems” we have to deal with are minor, but this weekend brought our biggest challenge yet. And I am so proud of how my team stepped up; I just have to brag on them. I am so happy that we were able to make this event wonderful for the bride and groom despite everything.  You guys are beyond wonderful!!!!


These are candid photos, please keep that in mind!  We will share more at a later date…